Raw Cone Filter Tips Perfecto

Raw Cone Tips are designed to make the process of rolling cones a lot easier. They’re perforated 5 times on one side and a second time in the last quarter.

They’re also stronger and designed for tightly packed cones. They’re great for RAWesome rolling artists that want to get tricky!

Perfecto Cone Tips

Pre-rolled cone tips are the ideal base for making your own cones. They are easy to use, prevent loose materials from slipping through to your mouth and make it easier to share your joints with friends.

These cone-shaped filters are made of chlorine-free paper that is naturally unbleached and hand-rolled. They are a great option for anyone who wants to avoid chemicals and keep their smoke sessions completely natural!

They are designed to roll a tight, opimized joint that’s perfect for the discerning connoisseur. They are also perforated on one side for a more easy-to-roll inside shape.

Natural Perforated Cone Tips

These Cone Perforated Tips are made of soft fibre paper, which is further pressed with a fourdrinier paper machine to give the tip enough structural integrity to maintain its shape and rigidity.

These are chlorine free and are eco-friendly. They are also unrefined and will not impair the flavour or taste of your smoke.

These are great for Phatty rolls or creative rolls and come in a box of 32 tips. They’re perfect for king size joints and have 5 fold lines so you can easily fold them in half.

Maestro Cone Tips

Designed for a specific type of smoker with particular tastes, RAW Maestro Cone Tips are made with softer textured paper and perforations for extra support. They’re also cut longer to make trick rolling a breeze.

These tips will make you a cone-rolling master! On one side they have perforations which you can bend in your preferred inside shape (Z’s or W’s) for a smooth roll.

This enables you to prevent soggy, sloppy cigarette ends which can easily clog your joint. Plus, these Raw Cone Tips are totally chlorine free and contain no plastic coating so you can be sure they’re good for you!

Black Tips

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